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Telstra’s 3R’s of Social Engagement

My first post in some time.  It’s not through a lack of interest in the topic more a case of being focussed in another area for the past few weeks.  The focus has been more on IT  infrastructure and software upgrades at the desktop level.

I have left the mantle of pushing further with social networking in the agency to the  communications team.

During my absence from the topic one of the communication team members came across this comic book/video style guide to social networking for Telstra staff which is backed up by their policy.

I thought the comic book style was engaging and kept my interest.  There might be some who feel that the message delivered in this fashion might be a bit childish and more suitable to a much younger audience likely to be those not working yet.

Anyway as I really like it I hope that the public service could develop something similar as part of the ongoing training and cultural shift in the public service towards social media.

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