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Finishing up on Social Media

I created this site when first experimenting in social media and is often used as an example for staff to get an idea on how a blog can be used.

The social media side of things has been taken over now (as it usually does) by the public affairs unit and from an IT stand point it’s really about ensuring staff have the tools to use and not restricted in any way in using social media tools.

Later on I’ll probably resurrect this site in anther form or another but for now the posts will be fairly few and far between.  That’s not to say I’m still not blogging, but I’ve decided to focus more on IT and less around the social media phenomena.

If you want to follow my IT posts head over here

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Victorian Department of Justice Social Media Policy Video

Great video produced by the Department of Justice on introducing a social media policy.

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US State Dept and Hilary Clinton on using social media tools

I came across this article Chasing Hilary Clinton by Danielle Cave about how Hilary Clinton and the US State Department (think the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs) use social media to keep those interested informed.

What amazed me was the US State Department is using all of the most common free tools in a combined way.  They are using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, a blog and You Tube and even down to a google map showing you Hilary’s travels.

Now I’m not saying for 1 minute that Hilary actually writes stuff herself.  I know she would have a team doing it but I wonder just  how big that team is ?.

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Public Service Gov 2.0 Govdex Community

An extract from the AGIMO blog by Ann Steward Federal Government CIO about a new community for Australian Public Servants to share experiences with their endevours in the gov 2.0 world and ecouragement to join the community.

“While engaging with the public online is a crucial part of Government 2.0, it is also important to encourage online collaboration between public servants. To that end, one of the Government 2.0 Taskforce’s recommendations was to establish an online forum where public servants can discuss their Gov 2.0 projects and the lessons they’ve learned from them.

AGIMO has created a Government 2.0 govdex community for this very purpose, with membership open to Australian public servants from all levels of Government. The community is intended as a place where public servants can ask questions, share experiences and collaborate with colleagues, with guidance set by the Australian Public Service Commission.

I encourage public servants from any level of government in Australia to send an email to to arrange an invitation to the Government 2.0 govdex community, and to tell colleagues about the community. Hopefully the community will prove to be a useful resource for sharing experiences and lessons learnt as public servants work towards implementing Government 2.0.”

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Telstra’s 3R’s of Social Engagement

My first post in some time.  It’s not through a lack of interest in the topic more a case of being focussed in another area for the past few weeks.  The focus has been more on IT  infrastructure and software upgrades at the desktop level.

I have left the mantle of pushing further with social networking in the agency to the  communications team.

During my absence from the topic one of the communication team members came across this comic book/video style guide to social networking for Telstra staff which is backed up by their policy.

I thought the comic book style was engaging and kept my interest.  There might be some who feel that the message delivered in this fashion might be a bit childish and more suitable to a much younger audience likely to be those not working yet.

Anyway as I really like it I hope that the public service could develop something similar as part of the ongoing training and cultural shift in the public service towards social media.

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Public Service 2.0

The following is a slide presentation delivered by Helen Silver, Secretary Department of Premier and Cabinet in Victoria at the ANZSOG National Conference on 12 August 2010 .

I really like the simplicity in slide 2 which highlights the differences in Public Service 1.0 against Public Service 2.0.

But I do wonder if many agencies will still try and apply Public Service 1.0 procedures, guidelines and processes to a Public Service 2.0 world ?

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Stone Age to Bronze – Web 1 to Web 2 ?

The following video might be useful for a change management program and introducing web 2.0 concepts to an audience and why the need for change within an organisation or agency.

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