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Victorian Department of Justice Social Media Policy Video

Great video produced by the Department of Justice on introducing a social media policy.

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Telstra’s 3R’s of Social Engagement

My first post in some time.  It’s not through a lack of interest in the topic more a case of being focussed in another area for the past few weeks.  The focus has been more on IT  infrastructure and software upgrades at the desktop level.

I have left the mantle of pushing further with social networking in the agency to the  communications team.

During my absence from the topic one of the communication team members came across this comic book/video style guide to social networking for Telstra staff which is backed up by their policy.

I thought the comic book style was engaging and kept my interest.  There might be some who feel that the message delivered in this fashion might be a bit childish and more suitable to a much younger audience likely to be those not working yet.

Anyway as I really like it I hope that the public service could develop something similar as part of the ongoing training and cultural shift in the public service towards social media.

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Stone Age to Bronze – Web 1 to Web 2 ?

The following video might be useful for a change management program and introducing web 2.0 concepts to an audience and why the need for change within an organisation or agency.

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Social Media Policies – The Altimeter

At the moment I am in the process of developing a social media policy for the agency.   During my research I have stumbled across a number of sites which have been very useful and actually contain policies from both  government and private sectors.  I was amazed to see that the Australian Public Service interim policies were contained on both of these sites considering they had an American flavour.

Social Media Policies – The Altimeter.

Another site which was also useful is Social Media Governance.  This site has a searchable database which enables you to be industry specific.

I also found the following document “Designing social media policy for government: Eight essential elements” to be very useful.

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Social media a nightmare for e-discovery

This is an interesting article which appeared in ZDNet today for those of you who work in a regulatory or legal environment and are required to undergo an “e-discovery” process to find and produce evidence for the Australian Federal court.    With blogs, wiki’s, tweets ect all being held on other servers how does one go about searching for and providing the information in the format that the Federal court requires.  An interesting dilemma in the age of Social Media.

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Social Network Power Tools

Just reading the latest PC User magazine which features a few tools to give you a better social networking experience.

These include:


Tweetdeck displays tweets in columns.  You can also send tweets to Facebook and LinkedIn.  Web addresses are shortened using your choice of URL shortening service. is the default.  Tweetdeck is an Adobe Air client based application.


Unlike tweetdeck,  HooteSuite is a web based service similar to Tweetdeck.


Provides you with an instant overview of your twitter followers, those you follow who are not following back.  It also gives you a view of  those who haven’t tweeted in a long time or ever.   Easier to use for the unfollow process in comparison to twitter.


Tweetpic lets you upload, share and tweet about a photo in one action.  If a photo is not enough for your needs you can do the same thing with video using Twitvid up to a 2GB size limit.

If you are looking to get messages out to all your networks at once try either Hellotxt or

Bringing it all together

If you have a Twitter, Facebook and linkedIn accounts, as well as multiple web based email accounts, plus an array of instant messaging services and you want to bring it all together, then have a look a Digsby.  Be warned though it does load you down with browser add ons and wants you to message and self promote itself.  So go through the preferences carefully and disable options you find invasive or unnecessary.

Another tool which will allow you to centralise your activity is sobees. It doesn’t have quite the reach of Digsby but covers Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and My Space.

If your after a browser which has social networking at it’s heart then try Flock.  Flock displays web pages in the central large window.  Down the side it shows updates from your various social networking sites, email and blogging platforms.  You can also snap to share anything you find on the web on any of your social services or add to a blog post.

If you want to monitor whats being tweeted about you or your organisation try tweetbeep.

Need to send a video to multiple places such as youtube, flickr ect then you can use TubeMogul.

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